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Are you a fitness & health, dietitian, foodies person, based in the UK or IE, with an existing audience? Then you could be a perfect fit for VITHIT Affiliate Programme. Recommend the drinks you love and earn a profit in the process.

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Affiliate Dashboard

When Joining our Programme you will have your own affiliate dashboard where you will be able to monitor all your gains.

% Based Commision

VITHIT Affiliate Programme rewards Top-Performers. The more effective your posts are in converting the more you earn.


Earn moneys if someone clicks on your exclusive referral link and ends up buying, Cookie lasts up to 30 days.


You will have access to free merchandise, exclusive products and permission to use selected brand imagery.

Earn money while promoting your favourite drinks


VITHIT Affiliates can expect engagement and support from the brand. We aim to work together so that you can maximize your earnings;

✓ Exclusive Brand Imagery
✓ Dedicated Affiliate Coupons
✓ Bank Transfer Payment Every Quarter
✓ % Based Commision
✓ Dedicated Affiliate Dashboard
✓ Free Merchandise*
✓ Possibility of Further Collaboration*

*for selected candidates

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VITHIT Affiliates need to references in the areas of Fitness & Health, Dietitians, Foodies, with an established audience in UK or IE;

✓ Have an engaged UK & IE audience on a popular social media channel.
✓ Have an interest in showcasing the VITHIT brand – a market leading vitamin drink, offering a low sugar, low calorie alternative to the soft drinks industry
✓ Have a desire to earn money from every order you send through



VITHIT Founder

I created VITHIT because I used to see people on treadmills for 30 minutes burning calories, then coming off and taking those calories back in with a sports drink.

Most sports drinks contain 180 calories, sugar and salts; Not exactly ideal for weight loss.

Our first mission was to make sure our drinks tasted as good or better than their sugary counterparts, then add as much goodness without compromising on taste.

VITHIT also contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance of 8 vitamins, plus health-giving teas and herbs for overall wellbeing.

VITHIT has proven that with innovation and creativity, Irish brands can compete nationally and internationally in a tough, competitive, global marketplace. Who knew health could be so beneficial!